Dessert First
Sooooon To comeee

So Dessert First has a private party tonight, pictures to be posted soon, and DJ Mt. Me has a mix hot off the wheels of steel , stay posted for that. 

Clearly, I (A-bee) am a big Diplo and Major Lazer fan. Not only did I see them live in NYC, they came down to my college, BROWN UNIVERSITY, and wrecked Spring Weekend. The performance was on point. Later that night, my friends and I were in for a real treat. Major Lazer stop by the outside house party on charlesfield, and he took over the party. He plugged in and wrecked it. Best HOUSE PARTY AT BROWN!

While me (A-bee) and DJ Mt. Me love to DJ when we have a chance, sometimes we come out to raves and clubs to watch our favorite DJ’s rip the stage. Major Lazer dropped bombs over New York this night, and we were able to see it live, first row. Hope you enjoy!

Hey Y’all,

This is a clip from a while back. This was DJ Mt. Me warming up and doing sound check at Up To NO GOOD Friday. It was a wild party, little too wild, but we partied all the way to break of dawn with no cops and troubles. NO FIGHTS EITHER, FIRST IN BROOKYLN. Tomorrow night we have DJ Mt. Me on the wheels of steel for another warehouse Banger, stay posted on FACEBOOK for more details. 

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